What about this ISM… what about that ISM?…. So you practice satanISM?…. That will take you to hell-ISM

So you want to support open borderISM?… What about our second stimulus checkISM?… What about supporting American national-ISM?… Or do you support….Nancy PelosISM…Chuck SchroomerISM…Adam SchiftISM?…or maybe you fell for DOJ-ism…FBI-ism?…Susan Rice-ISM..COMEY-ism…..Mueller-ism…. How about a nice dose of Joe BidenISM?…. Were you duped by Barack ObamaISM?…. Duped not once but twice, and it’s still continuingISM?…. Or how about the nice deceitful tricks of Michael / Michelle ObamaISM… Do we actually believe that she squeezed two daughters out of her / his penisISM?…. You know I blame HollywoodISM for a lot of the bullshit going on in this world… But it’s up to each of us to heighten our awareness, and rise above the simplicity of the Hollywood mindsetISM [ get beyond the California & New York fantasyISM…. That these two States represent the real world in totality]… ( God forbid) Take the whole situation with Donald TrumpISM… People that have denied the reality of him becoming president, and are continuing to live in denial… They are “cheating themselves of learning from actually dealing with the reality of the situation” by being in their denial… I mean what has happened to our collective cognitive ability as human beings? (Not that we should think collectively, but individually)… I believe a lot of ‘it’ stems from the spiritual darkness that is resident in a lot of human hearts…. The lack of respect for life, the lack of acknowledgement and lack of respect for God… Namely the one who claims to be the one true God…YHWH…

How about we all stop for a minute and take a deep breath and look back over our shoulders at the history of the United States…. We have to ask ourselves what is the real dark force behind what has taken place in our schools and universities, and the agenda not to teach true American history, or true world history for that matter…. I think part of this negligence on the part of our educational system, stems again from disbelief in God, or not wanting to acknowlege that God was with the United States at the beginning, & gave us our wonderful Constitution & Bill of Rights, and other inspirations to our founding fathers, to set this country on firm foundations… And as imperfect as we are and the world is, God is still with us and will be with us until the end… And there really won’t be an end, just a change of ages… So I recommend we put all these trifling ISM’S to the side or behind us… & get with the art of true living….. So having said that I will say this… I voted for Donald Trump in 2016 and I will vote for him again in 2020… And to all of you liberals, I have no respect for your opinions because you’re a bunch of hypocrites…. You scream and yell like little children about how tolerant you are, when you aren’t tolerant at all, you want to jam your agendas, your loser ‘upside down’ agendas… up everyone’s nose , you want to turn a free nation into a Communist nation… well NO thanks…. Maybe if you had studied a little history on your own instead of waiting around for someone to tell you what you think… You might have the knowledge that Socialism and Communism doesn’t work…. And it certainly wont-work in America…THE GREAT OZ HAS SPOKEN [ SMIRK]………Frank Payton.

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