The hand that slowly moves towards the face… To catch the tear that swells and begins to fall The subtle look of a lover’s eye, caught  in her mates peripheral vision, As he receives her message of approval…

The subtle touch of a man’s hand cupping and embracing the back of his lover’s head…. As his thumb slowly brushes just below the eye on her soft cheek bone…

The intoxicating, exotic, intense smell of Jasmine wafting from your lover’s breath… as you’re standing there, and she presses her hips into yours… Sticking her forefinger in your mouth and whispering….”I love you so much.”

The clasping of hands… As each lover takes turns stroking the center of the other’s palm in a gentle circular motion… causing intense arousal…

The slow hand that moves from the navel, down to the screaming moist area just below.. the middle finger that subtly lands and strums the pearl of her pleasure… causing her to thrust up and absorb the finger fully….

The eager mouth and tongue… that moves in…to rhythm total ecstasy, as it flicks and massages the devil’s doorbell….

Climaxing…. The lurid lover’s full blooded member enters the tight chamber, as both lovers explode into the ecstasy of each subtle, but deep thrust……..Frank Payton…..copyright….Coy Payton…

The sweet spot….

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