How Do We Measure?….

Just how do we measure the total price for this Covid 19 panic?…  How do we measure the total impact on people, the loss of businesses, the loss of jobs, the loss of wages, How do we measure the total impact on people’s health?….. Impact on mental health, physical health…  How do we measure the impact on losing what little faith we had in our government and leaders?…

How do we evaluate the models that were used & were manipulated by the WHO, the CDC, and other  organizations of influence and power?  Original projections by these health organizations of a 1.4% to approximately 3.4% death rate from Coronavirus…. When in actuality it turned out to be 0.13% to 0.26%…(check my decimal) [ I think this is right]

… Also we have to be aware of the terminology and language used by these organizations and by record keepers across States, and even our own federal government……ie:… Death ‘involving’ Coronavirus… deaths specifically FROM Coronavirus… as Death Certificates almost always reveal complications from usually  a number of things that lead to death (not in all circumstances mind you)…

Does America ever get back to trusting in our three branches of government?… In the FBI & the Department of Justice?… How do we as parents point to our government and say to our kids, “You must trust them.”…. Especially when our education systems have been trashed, from the Kindergarten level all the way up to the University level and beyond… How do we tell our kids to have faith in a government that does not represent it’s people?… That use their positions of power to wield influence and gain advantages in business deals that make them very wealthy ( often times) at the average American’s expense… How do we bring ourselves to do these things?…

Note: Look at these models that were used to predict projections of death from Coronavirus and those that would contract and would not die… and everything in between these two extremes…for ex: using 1.4% x 325.000,000…in the USA…= approximately 4.4 million Projected to die…. Then we compare that number to the actual deaths ( currently) of around 200, 000…. And look at how statisticians incorrectly say that this means we saved over 4 million lives…. This is incorrect, because the numbers that were used for the model were incorrect……. Somebody correct me or pick up the ball and run with it…. I believe it’s all part of the Communist plot… Constantly being duped by our own government….IMHO……Frank Payton

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