50% Blind…

With the happiness that comes from Amy Coney Bryant being confirmed to the United States Supreme Court, comes something to be very concerned about…. The vote in the Senate was 52 to 48 affirming Amy Coney Bryant to the Supreme Court .. As Lindsey Graham just said this evening on Fox News, “The Internet is on fire with democratic contributions for those in races to defeat Republicans and give the Senate back to the Democratic Party”, we cannot let this happen… The faithful application of our laws is the cornerstone of our democracy… So it seems to me that the democrats have no regard for the Constitution.. Quite simply, ‘they’ want the Supreme Court of the United state to be a ‘Super Legislature’ where they can control things, that ‘they’ aren’t able to get approved and put forth in Congress…and/or the Senate..[ Funny thing is, I think what a lot of people don’t understand about the Supreme Court is that they give recommendations, they give ‘opinions’ on matters…& the Congress has full recourse to go against what the Supreme Court recommends… so I don’t know what ‘their’ d*** problem is… Then again maybe I do know what the problem is, and that is that ‘they’ want to ‘legislate’ from the Supreme Court… Legislation according to the Constitution is to come from the Congress only…. So friends to wrap up, we have approximately 50% of our Congress and some percentage of our Senate, that do not want a Constitution in United States, they want an authoritarian government, they want Communism, they want Marxism, and everything that goes with it. Mark my word, on November 4th or thereabouts, the rioting violence and disruption will begin in our major cities across the country…it has already been planned by George Soros and others… So grab a hold of your Bible & your gun… because you’re gonna need both… The democrats will just not be happy until there is blood in the streets….IMHO….littleraventhepoet.blog…Sincetely, Frank Payton…


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