Have you thought much or at all about the origins of ‘Betrayal‘… Have you considered that every sin, every crime, involves some element or degree of betrayal …

I think it’s safe to say that Satan committed the ultimate betrayal against God … Not only against God but against everything that God had created, including human beings … And we could say ‘especially’ human beings …

Human history is overflowing with stories of betrayal … Judas Iscariot betrayed Jesus Christ … Governments past and present are filled with betrayal and deception … Lying is a form of betrayal … Adultery and fornication are forms of betrayal … If you want a modern day example, just take a look at how Donald Trump has been betrayed … A duly elected president that has had to fight virtually the world, and he didn’t even take any pay for it … IMHO … The Democratic Party and part of even the Republican party have been betraying Donald Trump for almost 4 years … all for now … … Frank Payton …

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