Have you thought much or at all about the origins of ‘Betrayal‘…. Have you considered that every sin, every crime, involves some element or degree of betrayal…

I think it’s safe to say that Satan committed the ultimate betrayal against God…. Not only against God, but against everything that God had created, including human beings…. And we could say ‘especially’ human beings…

Human history is overflowing with stories of betrayal…. Judas Iscariot betrayed Jesus Christ…. Governments past and present are filled with betrayal and deception… Lying is a form of betrayal…. Adultery and fornication are forms of betrayal… If you want a modern day example, just take a look at how Donald Trump has been betrayed… A duly elected president that has had to fight virtually the world, and he didn’t even take any pay for it… IMHO… The Democratic Party and part of even the Republican party has been betraying Donald Trump for almost 4 years….all for now…….Frank Payton…

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