I don’t know about you, but I’ve always been confused about drug ads… most of them anyway… I realize that while they are promoting their drug as the greatest thing since sliced bread… They are also required by law to tell you of the side effects…ie: Here’s the setting in a typical upper middle class backyard, as the family is having a wonderful barbecue & the neighbours are all sipping wine, playing badminton, and bean toss, all of them loving life, as everything seems perfect… Then comes the talk about this wonderful new drug…”Latitude” for depression.. ( as a middle aged man is seen sitting face down on a wooden picnic table, drunk & passed out)…a half empty bottle of Whiskey… clutched in one hand…his face in a pool of his own alcoholic drool.. as two young children go happily running by him, nets in hand, chasing butterflies…as the hired celebrity speaks…” That’s right folks, you have to try ‘Latitude’ for your attitude… Tests have shown a 97% success rate…. Try it and see if ‘Latitude’ is right for you… Some people have experienced headaches… blurred vision, Blacking out unexpectedly while driving their cars… Sudden onset of diarrhea at the most inconvenient of times… Nosebleeds that lasts for more than 10 minutes… Constipation that lasts for 9 days… A desire to go next door with a baseball bat and beat the h*** out of your neighbour over a dirty look he gave you…( 1 % or less have experienced)… So try ‘Latitude’… it can really make your life wonderful… Or worst case scenario you might spend the rest of your life in jail… Have a nice long talk with your doctor before using ‘Latitude’…littleraventhepoet.blog…Sincerely, Frank Payton…

Wendy… “The new drug ‘Latitude’ just isn’t working out for me…give me the bat Wendy”…

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