Something to think about as we go into the importance of the upcoming election on November 3rd…

Our ‘identities’ and how we live our lives should not be too closely related to human beings… Though these relationships and identities are an important part of our lives…. Our identities meaning… ‘Who we are as human beings’..& ‘Who God says we are as human beings’…[ the deeper stuff ]…. I think you will find it true, since we are made in the image of God, that we are an eternal spirit in a temporary body… (AS God is an eternal spirit)… The intention of God being our eternal life either with Him, or apart from Him…( Being either part of or apart from the loving family that God desires) Having to live eternally apart from Him to me would truly be h***….

Now, I can hear the voices of alot of you…. who will scream from the rooftops, as you try to bring God down to your limited understanding, and how He should be accepting of everyone… well that’s a wonderful idea, but it’s not the way it works… Since we have the complications of the Garden of Eden, and Satan, with his battle against God… which unfortunately (Satan through his deception & our free will ) has put us humans smack dab in the middle of… Man’s deception and his fall is all part of Satan’s attack on God / & His creation, and his efforts to overthrow God…. Read Revelation 12….

Due to the consequences of Adam-and-Eve’s SIN… And the consequences and curses of the fall…. The biggest one of these being DEATH brought upon the human race… & every descendant of Adam-and-Eve..

So what does it really mean to have an exchanged identity?…. It means exchanging the identity that we have, and have had in Adam ( the spirit of death )… For an identity ‘in Christ’…. which is identifying with the ‘spirit of life’… that only comes from God… and accepting the provisions of His Son Jesus Christ, and having a personal ‘relationship’ with Him….

which by the way, should never be called religion, as religion is only obeying sets of rules, which can be made up by anyone… and quite simply put, fall short of what is needed… that being deliverence from the curse of death… Our God is a God of life and not death… But He is Holy and has rules… If you don’t like the rules you are in a state of rebellion…. Again read Revelation 12… Seek and find the ‘exchanged life’ that only comes through Christ… If you have a problem with that, take it up with God not me… I am just the messenger…. One day you will wake up to find, that truth is truth, with or without you… The question is, what is your awareness about reality?… And mind you not my reality…. but what God says reality is…littleraventhepoet.blog…Frank Payton…

In The Light…

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