Just came in from a beautiful walk on a wonderful fog filled, rays of sunshine screaming through kind of mystical day, all in & on the Appalachian Trails of Virginia…

Thoughts and a prayer : Dear Lord, thank you for using this crude ‘Raw material’, bag of flesh blood and bones person, namely ‘ME’…FRANK PAYTON…to somehow serve You

HOWEVER… what brings me a little bit of consolation is the fact that YOU as God, have been working with the imperfections of man since the beginning ( after the fall)… And in no way, am I trying to justify my complete falling short of Your glory… and acknowledging the fact that I’m a horrible human being … Because I am absolutely horrible & lacking , my only hope is to be found “In Christ” & delivered from self….so

Having said these things… I will move on and explain what I mean by “Scared on Halloween”…. so everyone is thinking about the upcoming election on November 3rd…. The choice between Donald Trump and Joe Biden, and the rest of the characters involved in the Senate and the Congress… while considering what either of them becoming president would mean for all of us…here’s my thoughts…

I found myself praying to God in this fashion….”Dear God, wasn’t eight years of Barack Obama enough, to show us how we have fallen away as a ‘people and a nation’.. How we have taken our freedoms, our ‘near to holy’ Constitution and Bill of Rights, and other documents from our founding fathers led by YOU…taken it all for granted..

Here Is what I was sensing in my spirit…. Perhaps eight years of Barack Obama was not enough… to show the intent of those on the left, that want to bring this country down… Jumping ahead to my whole point…. God has a permissive and a perfect will, and my fear is that as God has a permissive and a perfect will, His desire, I believe, is for us to ‘not continue with business as usual’ but to seek after Him wholeheartedly… Now, I am not sure, if America and the world ‘needs’ the DISASTER that would be a Joe Biden, Kamala Harris presidency… which would surely include Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, and the rest of the circus… or if God will stay His hand…and allow Donald Trump, America and the world four more years to get our act together… I am just not sure about God’s will at this point… Especially with the prophesied ‘rapture’ seemingly eminent… The prophesied one world global system slowly being pecked out…all involving a growing worldwide disrespect for law… Disrespect for the family and God…etc…etc…. I hope that God will use Donald Trump as an example through the prosperity he has brought through his pure determination and love for America… And wake us from our slumber…we will see how it all goes

Finally, My humble opinion is that if Joe Biden gets in office there will be a second lock down which will virtually and all but destroy this country… I’m voting for Donald Trump on November 3rd… Anyone…whether Republican or Democrat, with half a brain in their head should vote Republican…

Finally, finally…. To me this life is all about awareness….AWARENESS ABOUT WHAT IS REALLY GOING ON IN THE WORLD… Whether you or me or anyone is willing to accept it… ‘There is a standard’… this standard is called

God’s Word, and I think god has done a very good job of explaining why there needs to be a standard… Without a standard, without morality,

the human condition quickly deteriorates to destruction and death… Look around us, it’s everywhere… I honestly want to ask some of you what does it take to get through to you?… Are you that COW headed that you can’t see what’s going on?… Or is your life totally run by how you ‘feel‘ about things…. feelings in people… feelings brought on by the mostly lying snake

media will deceive you… they have lied to you and me…. Here’s a brief simple description of how it works….THOUGHTS bring ATTITUDES… which BRING ACTIONS…. Actions bring consequences, some of which we are forced to live with for the rest of our lives, Be they good or bad… We need to get away from all the distractions of this modern life, including the media, our phones, our ipads, and the rest of the ‘mostly’ USELESS nonsense and hype.. Billy Corgan of The Smashing Pumpkins was right…THE WORLD IS A VAMPIRE….IMHO 3 vampires that we better deal with soon in our culture are Jack Dorsey, Mr. Zuckerberg, and Google… And that’s only a start……Frank Payton

Our struggle is within…. What we allow to manifest in our hearts…

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