Running a sound / fair election?…. I am sure you have heard this… And if you haven’t… A major pollster has just said & predicted that Donald Trump will win Pennsylvania by 2%….”How ever he needs to win by 5% to make up for the fraud that will take place”… WHAT?… The report on Fox News went on to say, that the democrats will know exactly how many votes Biden will need to defeat Trump…And “they” will just have the votes at the ready…. seemingly prepared in advance…EXCUSE ME…WHAT?

HOW IN THE WORLD…. have we in this country, arrived at this level of 3rd world lawlessnes?…. Well in my humble opinion, this ‘Communist Manifesto Agenda’ along with the Jihadist’s (added in, just to the side in our peripheral consciousness… creating at least a double headed monster)… has been in the works for quite a while, and was unleashed on America through the presidency of Barack Obama….

Let’s take a look at a few other things…. Have we thought seriously about the democratic agenda?… I mean the hardcore reality…. the plans ‘to be implemented’ by the likes of Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi,Chuck Schumer and the rest of the DC circus…ie: Barack and Michael Obama, The DOJ…FBI…THE SQUAD and too many other implants in the DC circus ( too many to list that is) observing, waiting, and clapping in the wings, for their long planned heinous agenda to continue & unfold…

And here’s the thing that really chaps my ass…. These evil democrats, most of them already mentioned…Biden, Pelosi, Schumer, etc… have all but told us they plan to steal the election and that if….WE THE PEOPLE…. don’t accept the fact that they manipulated the entire system to put in ‘THEIR CHOICE’ to run the evil sellout and take over of America…. (Completely disregarding that the American people have once again chosen Donald Trump)… that they will loot and burn American cities across this country…. It is rumoured that there are even plans to take over the White House… So folks… this is how bad it has gotten….God help us all…

I compare almost the entire Democratic Party [ as a collective entity] to an ‘alcoholic abusive parent’… who also ( for everyone’s added entertainment (snarl)… just happens to be a pedophile……. My prayer is that God, will not allow this ugliness, these crimes….to continue…GO DONALD…A MODERN DAY CYRUS!…….Sincerely, Frank Payton…visit my blog..

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