This redneck’s thoughts, as we are in day 3 of the election debacle…

HOW DOES A stinkin’ Walmart shoppin’, gun & Bible totin’, snake handlin’ (smirk)…Chevrolet drivin’….NASCAR WATCHIN’…Trump supportin’….deplorable…mountain livin’ hillbilly conservative, know that Joe Biden and Kamala Harris… along with the rest of the Democratic Party, are the biggest frauds ever to try to get in the White House?….it’s ‘reeeel’ simple… I believe in the ‘one true God’… The God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob…Who imparts to His followers: WISDOM…DISCERNMENT….COMMON SENSE…RESPECT FOR LIFE.. THE ABILITY TO KNOW RIGHT FROM WRONG… And also (whilst I’m pontificatin’) this dummy ( me) doesn’t understand how anyone would want to rise to the lofty position of president the United States, ILLEGALLY…. I guess some people are so hungry for power… that they would do anything including sell their own soul for 15 minutes of fame & the shallowness and temporariness of this life.. Sacrificing a potential life of eternity with the God, that gave them life in the first place..WAKE UP! & Don’t be a triflin’ son of a b****….littleraventhepoet.blog…Frank Payton…

Mountain life…mountain air…I can breathe!

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