Reflections on an S. ROTH & M. Murillo conversation…


Could it be, God will use the whirlwind caused by this election debacle to expose the evil and bring justice back to America?…. Could it be that the Covid 19 virus… was the forerunner to bring in the massive ‘mail in ballot’ system to provide the opportunity to push ‘corrupt’ mail in voting as oppossed to voting in person… thus giving the democrats the opportunity to reach their main goal, which is to get Donald Trump out of office at all costs? Hmmm?.. resulting in ‘our’ opportunity as Trump supporters and believers to finally expose the ‘Left’s’ widespread corruption..

Could it be that we dodged a bullet?… The deep state powers that be, were trying to uproot our American system, and put another system in place… This would all have been possible had the democrats won back the Senate, which is really our fire wall against this radical Congress.. The fact that we held on to the Senate and gained in the Congress is probably as important or more important than who gets the presidency…. And I surely want Donald Trump to be president, and I believe that it is prophesied he will be president for 4 more years… But we will have to go through a process and I believe God has brought us to this point… Could it be that through the indecision of not knowing who will be the next president of the United States, God is uncovering a layer of corruption (we suspected) but didn’t realize the full extent of…. Maybe we have to view this as an opportunity…

Could it be that this is a moment of reprieve for the United States? The hand of God is being exposed, this is the closest the United States has come to completely losing our freedoms…let’s keep the faith…

Again, God is allowing this election to possibly be thrown into the courts to expose the corruption…

Remember the story of Shadrach Meshach and Abednego?…. The King asked them, if their God was able to save them from the fire… And they replied that He was able to save them from the fire, but even if He didn’t, they were not going to bow down to the King….. This is where the body of Christ needs ‘to get to’…. That no matter what happens we are not giving in or bowing down to the evil…. Throw us in the fire if you will…. It will only send us on to glory….littleraventhepoet blog…Sincerely, Frank Payton…

A couple points of interest… We should look at this as God’s mercy and not a defeat… It ain’t over yet…… The hand of God is in this…. I believe the glory of God will fall on the United States as do many of God’s people… One of the bottom lines is that God wants us to seek Him and put Him first…yet God is giving us the opportunity to uncover one of the ‘biggest crimes in U S history’ that is being perpetuated on us by the democratic party…. Hold on to your hats, the fat lady has not sung….

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