Remember when Moses led the Isrealites out of Egyptian bondage?… Long story short, after the Isrealites had been released and made it to the Red Sea… & virtually had nowhere to go…. So, as I’m thinking of this story in antiquity, I am reminded of our current situation… With the election seemingly going to Joe Biden… and Donald Trump with the *Republican Party (*to a lesser degree, (* gained in the Congress, & seemingly holding on to the Senate) looking trapped with nothing but the Red Sea in front of them (metaphorically speaking)… So to wrap up, Joe Biden and his army are equated / compared to Pharaoh and his army… And just when all seemed lost… God intervened and provided the miracle…. I am not saying it will happen… but I am saying it could happen…. God works in mysterious ways….littleraventhepoet, Sincerely, Frank Payton..

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