Should you not have spiritual eyes to see, spiritual ears to hear, I can help you out and offer my opinion, my experience about this life…

We have to start with a presupposition: We are creatures of time and space, flesh, blood, and bone, IMHO… We have an eternal spirit residing in our bodies…( This is because we are made in the image of God, Who is an eternal spirit)…’THAT’ WE HAVE AN ETERNAL SPIRIT IS THE MAIN PART OF THE PRESUPPOSITION”…AND ACTUALLY WE SHOULD BE OVERWHELMED AND THANKFUL THAT A GOD wonderful and powerful enough to create the universe, and our wonderful home on this earth… has given us eternal life, whether we like it or not…

Changing gears… Before you proceed with what I’m writing, stop and read Revelation chapter 12…. Now that you’ve done that we can proceed….

I am sure you heard throughout your lifetime, that history repeats itself… Well I would like to pull back the veil on what I believe is happening right now in this lifetime that we are living… And I want to show you just how the evil of the past is presenting itself ‘right now‘…(Remember to keep Revelation 12 in mind)…

For a bird’s eye view of what I am talking about, we need to have a look at our current political activity in the United States, and across the world… Again using Revelation 12 as a reference point…. Why is there so much violence, destruction, and death?… With most of the madness stemming from a struggle for power and control… Why is there a rampant spirit of lawlessness? Why is it that roughly 2% of the NWO people want to control the remaining 98%… Not only the people, but the earth in its entirety, and all of its resources… Water, food, etc…well I will tell you why….again IMHO…

Ok… Now that you have read it, you will remember Satan’s rebellion against God, as it is told in revelation 12… In a nutshell… Because Satan thought and thinks more of himself than he should… He felt and feels he is qualified to be God, and take over God’s creation ( a repeat of Revelation 12) [Same attempt to overthrow again, only in THIS CURRENT AGE] now who does this remind you of?… Well it reminds me of Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, Chuck Schumer, & Nancy Pelosi… and most of the Democratic Party, that would have to include some in the Republican party… But without going into it, the present evil did not start with the above mentioned… It started with Satan in the garden of Eden… Satan was exiled to the GARDEN OF EDEN as a result of his rebellion in Revelation 12…. This information does not come easily… It comes with a lot of intentional study…

So here we are in the 2nd of 3 Earth Ages mentioned in 2nd Peter chapter 3…again you’ll need to read this if you care about this subject at all…. And then you yourself can begin to put the puzzle together, for yourself & loved ones…FYI.. The 3rd Age mentioned in 2nd Peter 3 occurs after the ‘Tribulation Period’ that is soon coming..( Daniel’s 70th week)… The 3rd Earth age being the 1000 year reign of Christ after the big wars coming… Then we will really get to know all about the history & future of heaven and Earth….

Note: This push for the world to be united under the NWO is nothing ‘New Under The Sun’ as it is prophesied in The Bible… And it will take place… Satan’s main effort right now is to convert United States from ‘freedom’ to the bondage of Socialism, Communism and Authoritarianism, so that he can appear in his final role and rebellion against God [ yes I’m aware Satan will be loosed for a season at the end of the Millenium)… I hope this is a good lead for you to study for yourself, time is short, you better get with it…littleraventhepoet.blog…Frank Payton…

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