A look at Matthew 24: 5 +

Let’s have some fun, and learn at the same time…. In my opinion learning should be interesting and fun… not some mandate…but then again, I am of a ‘revelation discerning spiritual mind’… Wisdom, or learning about wisdom, is not a chore, it’s a pleasure and a privilege…. and a gift for seeking God… Please don’t be overly concerned or upset that God is not tangible at this hour… that He seems aloof and uncaring, I can assure you that He certainly is not… Study the scriptures to find Him… This is something to consider…( the disregard, & neglect of/for God’s Word… and the complete disregard for viewing God’sWord as a ‘standard’ )… After all what is a plumb line to a house? What is having a standard… to stand up against chaos? It is a prerequisite to success as a race…

So we move on to the fact that most of the issues of the day, are issues that result in life-and-death…ie: Abortion…LGBTG and same sex marriage issues…( Which are proven to be threatening to life itself, as they are dangerous both physically and mentally) Not to mention that they are direct offense & attack on God…. But if your not educated and listen to the media you will not understand these things…. So some of you will sleep on like ‘sweet Charlotte’…

So what does all of this have to do with Luke 24 : 5 & on ?…(expanding to modern day issues) Why do we seek truth amongst the democrats?… Why have a lot of us made media our gods?… Why do a lot of us think that government has the answers to the complicated issues of life?… when they have proven themselves to be unreliable, and outright negligent in dealing with almost any matters of life at all… When they turn a plus into a deficit… When certain leaders want and expect us to accept socialism and communism, as opposed to the freedoms that we are so accustomed to?

Why do we do all of these things?… because the spirit of death is amongst us… the spirit of lawlessness… The spirit of globalism, the spirit of aligning the globe, and ushering in the coming Anti-Christ… who is going to appear ‘instead of Christ’… deceiving most of the world… We are revisiting and reliving Revelation 12… Read for yourself for further understanding…….Sincerely, Frank Payton…

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