Friday November 13, 2020

The earth….the world… seems broken…feels broken and abused….I feel broken and abused… The planet’s ‘rotation and revolving’ must be off course…seems chaos’s finger has flicked the earth like a marble.. out of it’s orbit… wandering endlessly and aimlessly through space… Only the hand of God could rescue her…

I stand on this Gray Day… Staring out of a bathroom window, into a deep wooded backyard… A small little bird, a young fiery Cardinal swoops down and gathers in a nice piece of white bread….excited…off he goes….I go into a trance as my mind tries to save the beautiful simplicity of the moment (my mind whether conscious or subconscious, looks for these moments & collects them as treasures)…and I turn from the window….and fall back to reality…the gray day darkens to night………..Frank Payton…

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