What spark of life from the hand of God, seen at conception, has been denied the chance to start a full fledged fire, and mature to a full grown human being?

Since Roe vs Wade in 1973…. How many of the magnitude and importance of a George Washington, of a John Fitzgerald Kennedy, of a Martin Luther King never made it past embryo to foetus ( fetus) ?

How many great doctors have not been born?… How many diseases and afflictions still run rampant in the form of Cancer, Diabetes etc… that would have quite possibly been cured by one of these aborted lives?

How many great men and women ‘Of God’, dedicated to the advancement of the human spiritual condition…never reached 9 month maturity and journeyed down their mother’s birth canal, to break through to the breath of life and light of day, to feel the love of a mother and father?..the shared love & lives of brothers and sisters, etc?… to grow and behold the wonder of the universe… the stars at night… hear the rain on a tin roof… behold an ocean wave crashing on a beach… or

Experience the unconditional love, that quite possibly only comes from God Himself and dogs…

To learn and experience life, to realize the special gift ‘that is this life’ from a ‘beyond our fathoming God’, that has given it to them…. to grow into the maturity that although this life is temporary, and full of pain, there is the hope of more, the great hope of eternal life, with the God that created them….THIS AND MORE IS THE COST OF KILLING…

How many of superior writing talent, along the lines of a William Shakespeare, an Edgar Allan Poe, Oscar Wilde, Samuel Clemens, etc, have been lost to a vacuum apparatus…or other device sucking or crushing the life out of them?…

This nonchalant attitude and disrespect for life speaks of the uncaring dark hearts of not all but many human beings…God have mercy on us… Payton…

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