How can you stand on the bottom of the earth and look up?

Is the curvature so slight, that no matter where you’re standing on the earth you can ‘look up’? … at any point of latitude and longitude … No matter how far North, South, East, or West …

I believe one calculation…( and there are many) … is that the curvature of  the earth, travelling over its surface, is 1mm per 100 meters … ( I think that’s right) … using any measurement … I think the bottom line on this is that the curvature is so slight, that the earth appears Flat … So the question is my mind  is this … (On the bottom of the earth we look up, and we see outer space) … If there was a city or some material object there … would we be looking up at it, or down at it?

… I suggest we would be looking up at it, because of the curvature … and gravity … It appears as an illusion … but it is real … ( Kind of screws with your head a little bit … and/ or, I might be missing something) … Also I am aware of the factor of gravity, which is pulling at us to the centre of the earth … Seems to be part of the explanation … WHAT THINKEST THOU? …

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