Excuse me while I think out loud…

I mean really…. Donald Trump must have a super exceptional love for the United States…. Who in the hell would want 4 more years of the torture that this man and his family has endured?…. Speaking in my street vernacular, I would tell the Republicans and the Democrats to stick the whole thing right up their ass, were I Donald Trump… Lucky for the country that I am not…

Further… Sometimes I wonder what Donald Trump’s awareness level is, concerning his place in BIBLICAL PROPHECY… I mean really, making Jerusalem the capital of Israel…moving the American Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem… I wonder if the ‘Orange man’ knows he is a modern day Cyrus…. And if God be for him who can stand against him?

GOD HELP US ALL IF QUID PRO JOE & CAMEL TOE HARRIS GET IN THE WHITE HOUSE….perhaps the new Republican additions to the House & Senate will be a firewall to the Communist / Jihadist’s sell out of America… I would imagine that both the Russian and Chinese are licking their chops, all waiting for their piece of American pie… Payton.

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