I would like to share this with everyone, especially writers that have writer block

First of all I don’t want to sound arrogant…but with everything that’s going on in the world, I don’t see how any writer would have writer’s block… If nothing else meditate and seek the muse to find things to write about…. It’s literally raining words and ideas all around you / us, just tap into it…. It’s like stepping into a river and riding downstream…

Also I would like to talk to you about a meditative practice called Kinehythm, which involves multifaceted concentration techniques…. For instance, while sitting in a position on the floor with your legs crossed… Start out by breathing deeply and relaxing… Then imagine a light circling around inside your head, at the same time projecting your mind into a stone, or anything other than yourself… And add a third area of concentration… ( concentrating on 3 things at once) the idea being to exercise your mind… Step into the river of consciousness, of thought and inspirations… Also read everything you can get your hands on… as you have time….

In my last post about Forrest Gump, I simply came up with the points that I wanted to make about politics and I projected them into the mind of Forrest Gump and let them come out as he might of expressed them…littleraventhepoet.blog..Frank Payton…

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