Here’s the latest from Forrest Gump …

Forrest asks: These days seems I’m so confused about politics, I sure do wish mama was here to help me figure this all out … first thing I would ask mama is why

they call Washington DC a swamp … I remember going there and all I saw was concrete & buildings … And I didn’t see any crocodiles … Maybe she meant two-legged human crocodiles … hmm…

Now, the thing that I don’t understand is how we went from fighting the Communists in the Cold War, the Korean and Vietnam wars, plus other wars … in the ’50s, 60’s, ’70s & 80’s to a Democratic Party ( that almost in totality and including a lot of the Republicans) is following the tenets of the Communist Manifesto, to the letter?… Not to mention the infiltration into our government by the ‘Radical Muslim Jihadist’…

I can remember before mama died, her one time saying, she believed that the United States of America was under some kind of judgment from the hand of God, due to our ‘national sins’ and mainly from our abortion and LGBTQ laws… I think mama might have been right … Just look at everything that happened since 911 … I sure do miss mama … Forrest Gump …

I miss mama..

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