God has a calendar for each life…. There is appointed to each of us… so many years, months, weeks, days, hours, minutes, seconds, and yes, herartbeats...and then poof we’re gone…. I’ve always found it to be peculiar, interesting, and sometimes troubling, that we are one heartbeat away from meeting our maker… There is however a way to find comfort and that is found in the gospel…. Just be careful with all the world views and belief systems out there that you choose wisely….so

WHEN IT’S TIME….littleraventhepoet.blog….Frank Payton…

When it’s time to go you’re gone, Not a thing that you can do, When it’s time to go you’re gone, Though you just bought some brand new shoes…

There gonna put you in the ground and throw some dirt on you, 6 feet down is not so far, but it won’t matter, it’s true…

Your coffin holds but flesh and bone, but what remains aint you, Your spirit ascends at the speed of light, gravity can’t hold you…

As this jar of clay is broken…God’s face comes into view…

It ain’t you…you’re gone on to new..

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