Prayer Out Loud: Evolving into a study….

Lord forgive us, We took / take it all for granted, especially we Americans, It seems that with success, especially the magnificent success that has come to America and Americans, comes the assumption that our freedoms will remain intact under our Constitution, and nothing / no one could ever take them away… Believing this was/is a major mistake & a false security….[Study the History of Israel and her people….they have a history of falling away.. (taking it all for granted ) suffering the consequences and returning to their God]…

My personal belief is that if we had not fallen away from the closer relationship with God we once promoted and enjoyed in this country, we quite possibly could have avoided this current trouble… or at least the extremity to which we now suffer… The extreme divisiveness… the complete disrespect for life itself…. The horrible ‘cancel culture’ that is everywhere…. the ‘political correctness’ that is consuming us like a ravaging disease… The lust for ‘power and money’ that makes people willing to kill each other….

So let’s take a quick look backwards… because all of us earthlings have a common problem whether we wish to acknowledge it or not… And lots of you will have a different viewpoint… because you will have a different worldview… and belief system…Be that as it may, but I would ask you to consult your worldview and belief system for some real answers, and see if ‘it’ can provide the answers you most likely have about life & death….and the ongoing struggle between good & evil….that is never ending….but will end…

We have some history in common also…Back to the Garden of Eden….God and His creation began to be attacked by what I like to refer as “A disgruntled employee” namely Satan….our complicity with Satan brought the curse, which included physical and spiritual death…

Enter Jesus…. To make things right….but it’s not that easy for us humans…. Concerning Jesus, seems we cannot get our minds around ‘a need to be forgiven’ ( but see, we were all “positionally” in Adam ….

& under the curse of death) and needing to be positionally restored to ‘life’ through Christ) and having life itself given to us as a free gift…. Seems we can’t deal with that…. It seems too good to be true….or our natural minds find it convenient to find what we believe to be error in the concept of a redeeming God…and I think one of our biggest problems is that….we think that this salvation should be all inclusive and universal… and don’t understand why God requires something as simple as ‘faith’ to seal the deal…( we tend to think of this as foolishness )…But I think if you study, you will find that God requires a relationship not a religion, which is very liberating in itself… So I must say ‘this’ Christianity is ‘exclusive’ in the sense that it requires a commitment that some are not willing to accept or believe…. After all it is a ‘very personal thing’ for God to lay aside His Diety…as He has / had so much love in His heart that He is/ was willing to meet the demands of ‘God The Father’ through His horrible sacrifice on the cross…. And please understand the Jesus was not told that “He had to do this” He did this of his own free will…. How ever if you study scripture you will find God the Father did tell the Son that there was….NO OTHER WAY… So Jesus willingly made the sacrifice required….evidence of Jesus being 100% God, & 100% man is spoken of throughout scripture…(In reference to there being ‘no other way‘)…Jesus inquired of the Father for ‘THIS CUP’ to pass from Him…’ never the less thy will be done’….

So unfortunately, due to all kinds of circumstances it is very easy for human beings to take everything for granted…. To think that somehow we magically appeared on this earth…. that the universe and all lives are just random chaotic chance…. Don’t believe the lie friends & don’t take anything for granted…. If you can’t see that life is a gift you have missed the boat and the show….littleraventhepoet.blog………Frank Payton….

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