Gnarly … I can’t help but compare Joe Biden to Satan … I can’t help but compare the Democratic Party and a good portion of the Republican party to Satan and his desperate tactics … There are many pawns on this chessboard, but the main players include Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer, and their heavy-handed control …

Let’s change gears and make mention of Satan … (referring to Revelation 12 as a baseline) … Let me pose a question: [As a backdrop, Scripture says that Satan was created after what God refers to as a ‘perfect pattern’] and was a protector of God’s very throne … until PRIDE was found in him … as he wanted to overthrow and replace God … ( back to the question … Did Satan believe he could (with ‘one-third of the fallen angels under his command) overthrow YHWH … THE CREATOR AND SUSTAINER OF THE UNIVERSE? … or was his pride and lust for power all too consuming? Aren’t Joe, Kamala, and others consumed by the same pride and lust for power at “whatever the cost”… as ‘old slew foot was & is ?… we have to come to the awareness that we are in a ‘gnarly no holds barred spiritual warfare’… Seemingly we fight in the flash, but the battle is in the spirit world …

Back to Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, and the rest of the twisted swamp … does Joe think that he can make a bald-faced claim in open public while being recorded, that the Democratic Party put forth the biggest voting fraud scheme in all of mankind’s history … and get away with it? … not only stealing an election but raping Americans & killing pretty much all hope of having a free society in which to live … look at the Democratic ‘run’ cities … a total disaster … and now Pelosi & Co. expects a bailout for these mismanaged shite holes … And because she can’t get $$$$$ out of the Federal Government, ‘Relief’ packages are put on hold as payback for not getting what she wants …

Joe and the democrats are not the first in world history to follow the evil tactics of Satan and try to overthrow ‘established’ governments … (they are just among the most recent) … And what makes Joe and the Democrats very peculiar is, they not only want control of the United States, they want to destroy it and supposedly … BUILD BACK BETTER … So ladies and gentlemen I speak generally of Agenda 2030, of the New World Order, of the Deep State … of what was done to JFK in the ’60s … most likely by our own FBI & CIA … ( RECENT REVELATIONS HAVE COME FORTH) … Apparently a lot of our government has and continues to be the right arm of Satan … the evidence is obvious and everywhere … It’s pretty gnarly but think of it this way if our government would do what they did to JFK and others what do you think they would do to me and you? … Time for all of us to wake up, the toast is burning …

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