Like it or not … believe it or not… here is what is prophesied, and because God cannot lie, it is coming … with you and me, or without you and me….or for that matter anyone else…

Since the outbreak of Covid- 19, with the political news, natural disasters around the globe, End-Time prophecies are reaching a fever pitch…


Read Matthew 24 …. Mark 13…& Luke 21 … if you want this study to be in depth … If not … you can depend on the mainstream media to keep you running around like a fart in a hail storm … The choice is yours.

Signs Of The Times: False Christs …. Wars and rumors of wars … famines, pestilence, earthquakes, Commotions ( civil unrest) … Note: Yes these signs have been around since the beginning of history … some say Covid- 19 brought the pestilence or ‘ a ‘ pestilence … more to come?…

Remember Psalm 83? … consider this Psalm as you read Daniel 9 … focusing on vs 27…

Summary: During the 7 yr Trib ulation, the Antichrist will gain control of the earth…At the three and a half year point during the Tribulation…Antichrist breaks his pact with Jerusalem…defiles the temple claiming to be God…big wars ensue…Armegeddon…and to make a long story short…then comes the prophesied second coming of Christ to keep us from total destruction….so view the accompanying picture and as you read ….realize the current dark powers… want to make the globe ready and ‘United’ through this Agenda 21/ 2030 & NWO… plans to lay out the red carpet for the coming Anti-Christ, this is why the world is currently in the upheaval that it is in…. Don’t blame me, I’m just the messenger

So, I have laid out the ‘road signs’ for those interested to consider…but you’ll have to study for yourself…..to me, I need to know why I’m on this earth, living this life…. Some of you may not give a hoot and that’s fine… Freedom of choice can be rewarding, or it can lead to more trouble…. Human beings tend to lean towards trouble because of our fallen nature…. But this can be overcome…SEEK….OR SLEEP ON SWEET CHARLOTTE…littleraventhepoet.blog….Frank Payton1

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