Would you think ME peculiar if I said …”GOD IS LIVING IN YOU AND ME ?”… Would I think YOU peculiar if you said “God may be living in you, but He is not living in me, at least I’m not aware of it?”… Well, I know some things; this life is about AWARENESS, ie: If you or I don’t believe that we are made in the image of God, the ignorance of this doesn’t change the fact that we are made in His image … And I guess the main part of understanding what this deeply means is that, since God is an eternal spirit, you and I have an eternal spirit ‘housed’ within us … In this revelation alone we should be thankful and curious … However we might not be thankful or curious & ( without me intentionally offending anyone, yet knowing human nature, some of us might be dull and unconcerned about the eternal nature of this life, and this is understandable & even justifiable, yet endlessly & aimlessly groping in the dark going about and being content with the mundaneness of every day existence) ,we might even be disturbed, and even horrified, to arrive at the awareness that we actually have an eternal spirit, and unaware unless we make peace with God, we stand a chance of being forever separated from Him … God’s rules do apply… whether we comply, or agree … getting interesting, huh?

So what are the indicators that we have a complete puzzle and are content with our understanding of what it means to be a human being? … Specifically being content & at peace with why we were born? … To me there can’t be much worse than playing a hand of poker … and realizing I only have four cards …

or putting a puzzle together and realizing I am missing one or many pieces …” Is ignorance bliss, or is it a deadly miss? “

So what might the signs or evidence be that we have a complete puzzle, or are on our way to a complete puzzle about this life? … I think some indicators might be #1 … that we are filled with joy, that we are joyful… that we have a song in our hearts.. even in life’s difficult circumstances … I have found that people including myself are truly known for what I / they really are, when the crisis comes … Because it will come … #2 … That we live in a spirit of Thanksgiving, and are thankful that God has allowed us to live on His earth … ( you see friends, I want to live as an “Innocent, life loving & God adoring child”… That is seeing the ‘wonder of life’ as a child sees it, before all the corruption that comes later as we become adults …

#3 … I have found that if I am truthful with you and with myself, I have a dual nature residing in me … I have the new nature that has come to me with being ‘born again’ through accepting God, yet I am not perfected and complete, ( and won’t be until I receive my resurrected body) as I still have the old nature … the old man living within me … waiting to rear its ugly head at every opportunity I give it … [ I think people have a big misconception about Christians, and it is that they live a life ‘in the rose garden’ … My experience has shown that nothing could be further from the truth, as I’m in constant battle with the WORLD, THE FLESH, AND THE DEVI … I have been attacked and destroyed and left for dead many times in my Christian experience …

So … I have found that trying to put myself and my desires ‘away’ and submitting to the will of God is a good way to go … Over time I have learned that everything else is vanity and unfulfilling … This comes from gaining an eternal perspective …

S … Do you realize that God is in you?… I am comfortable saying, I am trying to be His as He is mine … littleraventhepoet.blog… Frank Payton …”A voice in the wilderness”… Make sure you have all the pieces to your puzzle …

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