Thinking out loud … Have you ever looked at the story of creation, specifically when God ‘formed’ man out of the dust of the Earth? … most have I would imagine … But consider further … In ‘English’ the Scripture in Genesis 2 is rendered: THE BREATH OF LIFE WAS BLOWN INTO ADAM’S NOSTRILS … What is very interesting is that in Hebrew … Breath of life becomes plural, Giving us BREATH OF “LIVES”… indicating ( it seems to me) that when God blew the ‘breath of lives’ into Adam … He was blowing in the potential for every human life that would ever live … Could it be that God is more wonderful than we ever could imagine, more loving than we could ever know, more long-suffering with his creation than we could ever consider? … Then I see Jesus dying on the cross for me & you … He, that was sinless but became Sin … I think people need to be more aware of the fact that Jesus was 100% God and 100% man … This is the way He identified with us … In Christ, I see the love of God the Father … … Frank Payton …

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