Thinking out loud…. Have you ever looked at the story of creation, specifically when God ‘formed’ man out of the dust of the Earth?…most have I would imagine…. But consider further…. In ‘English’ the Scripture in Genesis 2 is rendered: THE BREATH OF LIFE WAS BLOWN INTO ADAM’S NOSTRILS…What is very interesting is that in Hebrew… Breath of life becomes plural, Giving us BREATH OF “LIVES”…. indicating ( it seems to me) that when God blew the ‘breath of lives’ into Adam… He was blowing in the potential for every human life that would ever live…. Could it be that God is more wonderful than we ever could imagine, more loving than we could ever know,, more long suffering with his creation than we could ever consider… Then I see Jesus dying on the cross for me & you…He, that was sinless but became Sin…. I think people need to be more aware of the fact that Jesus was 100% God and 100% man… This is the way He identified with us…. In Christ I see the love of God the Father…………Frank Payton…

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