Have you ever wondered why?

I am going to set my Christianity aside and talk to you in my natural mind, for as long as common sense will allow me to …

Just saying and what if: What if Satan would have been happy with his being created after the ‘perfect pattern’ as God describes him ( what might the world’s history be … how might the world, its people, and its present decline be altered /different?) … after all Lucifer, Satan was empowered to be the main guardian of God’s throne…. That is until ‘pride’ was found in him, which led to his fall… And even in my ‘natural mind’, I know that this flaw, this SIN NATURE, this offense to God, was passed on to every human being through Adam-and-Eve’s decisions … as all humanity was ( though yet to live in the future) ‘seminally in Adam and birthed through Eve …

For instance … Let’s start with government an ‘institute initiated by God’… What if our elected officials ‘that are hired to go to Washington DC, actually ‘represented’ The will of WE THE PEOPLE?… instead of being the self-serving, self-promoting, money-grabbing, drowning in a cesspool, den of thieves, that most are … And if you think about it, has become one of the ( Seats of Satan’s power) … [AND BY THE WAY, THERE GOES MY NATURAL MINDSET … poof!] …

What if in our personal/professional lives, ( and some can bring themselves to do this) we could congratulate and genuinely be happy for each other in our successes..saying “Wow friend … you did an awesome thing, and you have inspired me to do great things, ( I know, I sound like Mr. Rogers, but aren’t we sick of the lies?) and move on to our successes … I know this is idealistic and could rarely be done due to our fallen nature, but wouldn’t it be nice to experience more of it … sadly we have to continue this detour that haunts and hinders ‘humanity’ until evil is dealt with once and for all …

Although I am an ‘Independent Conservative’ and am ashamed to any longer call myself a Republican … I would still like to see Donald Trump be the president for 4 more years … And then for someone like him to continue in the new style he has brought to the political realm … But there is a higher power to answer to, and we need to be more concerned with ‘that’ power and the power & plan of GOD’S PERFECT WILL … And we definitely should be giving a lot of thought to the prophesied ‘coming Tribulation’ where the world will be thrown into trouble like it is never seen … We need to check ourselves spiritually & find out what we ‘believe’ because it does have consequences … littleraventhepoet. blog … Frank Payton …


  1. Our ‘fallen nature’ is evident. I wonder if it is inevitable. I contend that a ‘buffering’ is necessary to give us every chance of reaching our potential. God desperately needs to be returned to schools and our daily lives to give us a chance. I must admit I’m not a fan of organized religion on a grand scale. I’ve been disappointed a few times. However, I’ve always wondered why any person, agnostic, atheist …….etc. would have a problem of the teaching of ‘right and wrong’ using the word of God. Not overbearing or demanding of submission in the teaching but gently using God’s word to enlighten and influence the formation of people that are at true peace with their soul and their lives.


    1. Well… Your choice of words is very interesting to me… I think the real matter is the fact that we have very few or no ‘standards’ acknowledged much in the world and our culture… And I understand your concerns… The condition of the church today in our society, as I have been greatly disappointed also… I study on my own and ask for God to guide my study in the power of the Holy Spirit… Your use of the words overbearing and your comment which was something involving submission… I honestly believe that if we don’t submit to something we will submit to anything… My freedom comes from my belief that Christ overcame humanity’s greatest enemy which is death… I believe Satan brought death Into the world through Adam-and-Eve’s disobedience… In my opinion Christ provided the way back to God the Father… And gave us… returned to us the hope of eternal life…. We were made to live forever originally…


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