How many of you ever wonder about the spiritual nature of things concerning both good and evil?

We are spirits in bodies…. Say that out loud 3 times and believe it, because it’s true…

Now let’s look around at our world and the chaos that is going on… Let’s look at our leadership in Washington DC, and let’s see it / them with spiritual eyes….

THINK ON THIS…. As you recall the presidency of Barack Obama ( I’m suggesting that in Barack’s mind, 8 years was not enough time for him to hold the reigns of power & try to take down America) and even farther back than him… Think about the totally unexpected victory by Donald Trump and him becoming president… Think of how Donald has exposed Washington DC for the rat hole that it is…. And think on why Hillary Clinton is really so dreadful, hateful, and miserable… Think about how power can totally consume us as humans…as it consumed Satan..

Ask yourself this: WHY DO DEMONS HATE GOD?….IMHO… IT’S BECAUSE OF THEIR ( ALONG WITH SATAN) BEING KICKED OUT OF HEAVEN AND THEIR LOSS OF POWER [ KIND OF SHEDS A NEW LIGHT ON THE DEMONIC POWER CONTROLLING THE DEMOCRAT PARTY, AS TRUMP KICKED THEM OUT] let’s move to origins..READ revelation 12…and know this before you read the 1st words in Genesis chapter one: IN THE BEGINNING…….KNOW that this earth goes through AGES…( periods of time)…Satan and his fallen angels were kicked out of heaven per Revelation 12…and then Satan came strolling into the Garden of Eden…(as he was kicked out of heaven)…to destroy God’s creation of man in the flesh.. & to destroy the earth ( AGAIN) …further, continue below

GENESIS VS 1: “In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth”…NOW PAUSE… STUDY THE GAP THEORY ( AN “AGE” OF TIME BETWEEN VS 1 & VS 2 “And the earth “BECAME” (NOT ‘WAS’) WITHOUT FORM AND VOID & DARKNESS WAS UPON THE FACE OF THE DEEP….THE earth ‘became’ without form and void….now how did it become without ‘form and void’… does does God create anything that is without form and void?….No He doesn’t…”was” is a bad translation..”became” is more accurate….This proposal explains alot about Genesis VS 1 & 2 and that the earth BECAME WITHOUT FORM AND VOID FROM THE WAR IN HEAVEN BETWEEN GOD AND SATAN AS EXPLAINED IN REVELATION 12…THIS ENDED the first earth ‘age’…. ( Read 2 Peter chapter 3…for explanation of the 3 earth ages…we are currently in the 2nd)…. The 3rd Earth age will be the Millennium, the 1000 year reign of Christ….

We look back on this story and history because it is critically important…. How can we fully understand the end of the age that is coming, if we don’t understand the beginning of it?… This study also gives us insights and revelations into the understanding of the role of pride and our lust for power and where it came from… If we know about these things it is easier to understand our present day circumstances… & why there is so much deception and lust for control and power….

Further, what we must understand is that this push for the Globalist Agenda & the New World Order, is the rush to ‘set the table’ for the final attempt of Satan to overthrow / destroy God, His people and his creation ( once again) through the prophesied coming of BELIAL…THE ANTICHRIST….. If you don’t quite understand this… you need to pray for God to open up your mind and be able to spiritually discern… Your natural mind will not be able to handle this ( mine could’nt )… I’m not trying to sound holier than thou…we all have alot to learn…time is short…………….Frank Payton ‘a lifetime student’..Everytime I think I’m done with this writing, “THE SECRET OTHER” taps me on the shoulder and whispers ‘write this’ hah hah…Boo Scary!

Diamonds In The Snow…front view our mountain home…Appalachian Trail, Va…

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