1% vs 99%

I ASK YOU … who in government is qualified or entitled to tell YOU how to live your life? … especially those that don’t have the slightest idea of how to manage their own lives, ie: Chuckle Schroomer, Nanshky Pelostme, Gavin Gruesome … or Mr. Homo Cuomo … to mention a few … let’s not forget the reptilian Alexandria ‘OCOSTMESO’ CORTEZ … and her psycho ideas on how the world should be …

I also want to ask all, what the hell ever happened to representative government? … ie: We vote ‘them’ into the office to represent us, and they sell us out to China or elsewhere; laughing all way to the bank, and leave us holding the bag of rice … which by the way has a hole in it …

Has not history shown us the wrong-headedness and ills of Socialism, Marxism, and Communism?… How many examples do we need?…Russia, Venezuela, N. Korea…just a few mentioned … Nazi Germany…and we would be irresponsible not to mention the Holy War, that the Jihadist’s have waged against Israel and any that support her ie: ( The U.S.) … and also not to mention that the Jihadist’s have power positions in our very own Congress … elected apparently by Americans …. What the Sam Hill is going on?

When will human beings in general … wake up to the fact that 1% cannot control 99%?..

I will tell you what I believe…Satan is having his ‘ Swan Song’ … his last hurrah of this age (culminating in his arrival on earth for the Tribulation Period ) … His final attempt to destroy mankind, take us all to hell …. and shake his fist at the one true God that created him…not only created him…but made him “after a “perfect pattern”… Ezekiel 28:12 & on … being #2 is not enough for some … Satan was one of God’s top three…[ Michael headed up the military … Gabriel was the communication/messenger expert … Satan led the choir and worship of God … until pride was found in him]

Friends … if you haven’t figured it out yet, us of flesh blood, and bone existence … are caught up in the ancient battle that goes on to this day … that is, the struggle between good & evil, God and the Devil …

Maybe I’m a nut job … or maybe I’m of a “revelation higher wisdom” ( given by God to me, a gift to a mere mortal, God often sees fit to glorify His name through us “imperfects”) to be asking the question, as to why I am here in this flesh blood and bone existence … It seems that this curiosity only exists in a lot of people but on a superficial level; but with me, it goes much deeper, because I need answers … I dream of the possibilities of eternal life… I dream of life, the abundant life that Christ promises … I dream of never losing a loved one again, I dream of never losing a loved animal again … I dream of laying my head down at night, knowing I have the rest of eternity to live…to experience life … the abundant life… that only Christ can provide … One of my favorite scriptures is Jesus saying …” I go and prepare a place for you, that where I am you may be also, in my Father’s house are many rooms… If it were not so, I would have told you … (paraphrased) … I can find nothing more promising or moving than this … littleraventhepoet.blog…

Frank Payton … Don’t trade in the pleasures of this ‘flash in the pan life’… this short span of existence on this earth, compared to eternity … don’t be ripped off anymore than you’ve already been ripped … later… tater…

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