Merry Christmas to all…here is a post reflecting on a teaching by the anointed Jonathan Cahn…comments and additions by me…

The human struggle is often very difficult & the difficulty manifests in many ways..health issues, money problems, etc…( to say the least, we can’t trust the government at all…seems our elected officials are mostly merchants of death)…( they just have a way of presenting / selling DEATH, AS THEIR DECEITFUL RATIONALE FOR ‘PROTECTING US’)..IE: COVID, closing businesses unnecessarily, selling us out to the Chinese, while they get filthy rich, ETC…and some prognosticators are saying this virus is changing into what could be a ten year debacle…please…”say it ain’t so”… “How long oh Lord?, how long?, please extend Your mighty arm, and have mercy on us, save us from ourselves”….

Changing gears…what can we do?…..here are some thoughts and suggestions….

“Go on the little things that you do know, seek/find the big things that you don’t know”…J.Cahn….wake up to the wisdom and revelation that you are

on this earth to be a living blessing….then things can begin to make sense….Seek God, and He will get you there…

Look at the Magi…( wisemen) that traveled long distances following a star..that led to the baby Jesus….( see ‘they’ were astrologers and knew the signs in the skies and that the birth of Jesus was an important, very important event… Even though they themselves were Persian pagans…. They took the ‘little’ that they did know, and searched for the ‘big’ that they didn’t know…. it’s a bit of a mystery…

I have learned in my 66 years and pilgrimage on this earth… “that having the knowledge of God without knowing and having a heart for God, is a fired and missed shot.” ( C. Payton)…in other words…WAY OFF….way off what could be…. If only we could learn to let God massage our hearts… I have learned as the old Christian saying goes to…”try and let go and LET GOD live through me…and it is a big challenge and struggle… As we still have the old nature to deal with, and we will have to deal with it as long as we are in this human body… But eventually we will have total victory… And we can have victories in taming this flesh….

So… one thing that I have learned that is very helpful… is having what is called a “fear” of God…. which actually means “respect and reverence” for God….”fear is not a good translation”…. The English language is not very conducive often times in revealing the actual Hebrew and even Greek languages…..

Last, but not least….read Isaiah 60….”Arise, shine, for your light has come and the glory of the Lord rises upon you.”…Again…. Don’t focus on what you know, focus on what you don’t know…littleraventhepoet.blog…………Frank Payton…

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