Without being dogmatic about my choice of ‘Intelligent Design’ over ‘Darwinian Evolution’, I would like to discuss why I believe in intelligent design, without question, doubt, or concern… Challenges from different points of view are welcome, as I am convinced in my belief system, but remain open minded and like hearing and discussing why other people believe as they do….

I will try to make this as short, sweet, and direct as possible… While conveying what I believe to be obvious…. I would like to say I am aware of thinking in the ‘natural mind’ as this is where most people are…. But I would like to note and mention the limitations of the natural mind… It can only take us so far in our understanding of deeper things… Things of a deeper spiritual nature… Think about this one thing as we proceed…. If you study in the book of Genesis about the creation account, specifically “MAN” OR ADAM, you will find that man is made of dirt, and it was only until God blew the Breath of Life…( or in Hebrew, The Breath of lives…ie: Every person that would ever live) into Adam, that the dirt form became ‘alive’… This supports my belief ( & many other scholars) that we humans are ‘spirits’ in a flesh, blood & bone body…crafted out of dirt…one reason that we are dependent on food from the very dirt of which we were made…but again we have no life without the very breath of God….

I will digress no further… but we have to start somewhere… So let’s get to it… it’s really very simple… Pray that God will give you a REVELATION mind… Or this will seem over simplified for you…

Consider this….. While you weigh in one hand, ‘random chaotic chance‘… and ‘intelligent design’ in the other…ASK: Did the earth, revolving and rotating through space, in a definite orbit, magically, randomly, mysteriously, come into existence; positioned perfectly, in it’s distance from the sun…( the sun by the way, with all of its complexities being a marvel in itself ) or is the better explanation as to the ‘science’ like the law of gravity, and electromagnetic forces come from an intelligent designer… without who, these complexities would be impossible….ie: Can a time-piece such as a watch… magically put itself together with precision parts that just fell out of the sky…wind itself up and just star measuring time?…imagine precision watch parts coming out of a ‘Big Bang’…. If you can see the common sense of this analogy, then you must compare it to the universe… which is far more complicated…. Also apply the same rules to the human body…. I am sure you get my point….[ Note: Some will say, ” We just don’t understand everything yet”…Friend, if you can’t understand the simpleness of what I just put forth, I don’t know what you can understand…then again…the renewed mind is a revelation, a gift from God….”born from above”….

Apply these same deductions to anything that has been created…man creates, because his master is the ‘master creator’ and we are made in his image…………..Frank Payton…

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