This post is a re-tellling, a forwarding, of a prophet’s dream concerning the 2020 election, of Donald Trump….and WHAT IS HAPPENING AND WHY…HAT’S OFF TO WANDA ALGER…additional insights provided by me….

We must realize as a people, whether we are believers or not…that God will HAVE HIS WAY….let’s look briefly at some aspects of ‘The life of Abraham‘…( Read Genesis 15 for the entire story) but the important thing to take away from the story of Abraham, is that Abraham believed God, and God counted his (Abraham’s) faith as righteousness…do you understand the critical importance of this?…if you don’t, you need to understand this spiritual importance… and ultimately see this as an indicator as to the way God works, a lot of times…

Now, let’s change gears…. Let’s make an analogy between Abraham and Donald Trump…( Donald Trump as in reference to the 2020 election)…”Abraham, though he was old, and his body was ” dead” ( as far as reproductive capability, [ he thought] ) believed God’s promise to make a nation out of him, and God counted his faith as righteousness….again, do we see the spiritual import of this… God has shown us how he worked in the past and will work in the future ( remember Isaac)..don’t think it trivial that this story is in the Bible…

So….concerning Donald Trump and the 2020 election… it also appears to many… that Donald Trump is dead in the water, and that Joe Biden, [ Really Kamala Harris] will be the next president of the United States… but things ( like with Abraham, are not always as they may seem)…see, a reputable prophet, ‘Wanda Alger’ ( has had dreams that say just as with Abraham ( who at the last hour symbolically of his life would seemingly have no promised offspring, to fulfill God’s promise and start a new nation) Donald Trump is seemingly defeated…( mainly advanced by the ‘ lying snake media…CNN…MSNBC…others)… is dead in the water, lost the election, ( though fraudulently)…. And according to all, or mostly all “it’s time to move” on….’ Funny, it wasn’t time to ‘move on’ when Hillary Clinton was defeated by Donald Trump now was it?… The hypocrisy rampant in Washington DC is like a cancer….we had four plus years of non-stop spiritual attacks on Donald Trump, simply because he was not one of Washington D C’s own, one of the swamp critters… This friends is why they hate him, he stopped the party and exposed them all…. Even the Republicans want to get back to business as usual, ‘the good old boys club you know’…. Trump is nobody’s ‘good old boy’…. He is a modern day Cyrus….now…

Let’s look at Romans 4: 5-8…. for God’s perspective on Donald Trump…. It is an eye opener…. vs 5– “But to him who does not work but believes on ‘Him’ who “justifies the ungodly” ( insert Donald Trump) his faith is accounted for righteousness… just as David also describes the blessedness of the man to whom God imputes righteousness apart from work’s: ie: Donald Trump?!

” Blessed are those whose lawless deeds are forgiven, And whose sins are covered; Blessed is the man to whom the Lord shall not impute sin.”…. Do you understand how God works, a little bit better now?…. Some things are very mysterious, ‘we see through a glass darkly’ but it is plain that God honors simple faith, and chooses who He will… The Bible is full of stories along these lines….

Further, wouldn’t you like to see an explanation for what many in Washington DC, mainly democrats are shouting, like…” move on”…”we need to come together”….COME TOGETHER FOR WHAT?…THE SELLING OF AMERICA…LOCK, STOCK, AND BARREL TO THE CHINESE AND OTHERS?….give me a break…I’m just sick of it all….

Let’s take a quick look at what’s wrong in the church today….

#1- Many won’t defend Trump ‘in the church’ because they think that nationalism is bad for America…but we need to realise that Israel would already been pushed into the sea, if they didn’t have walls and didn’t protect themselves militarily….same goes for the United States… God is not against walls… as a matter of fact he promotes them… and he really doesn’t care much for people living on top of each other in the big cities…#2- what Wanda Alger calls ” Mercy Centered Christians”….” They don’t like conflict… They don’t like getting involved in politics… They are always screaming “can’t we all just get along?”….and they don’t want to accept or embrace God’s discipline or judgement…# 3- MANY ARE JUST PLAIN OFFENDED BY TRUMP…BY HIS PAST CONDUCT, HIS LANGUAGE, SUPPOSSED TREATMENT OF WOMEN AND BLACKS…” HIS OFFENSES BLIND PEOPLE ( again perpetuated mainly by the Globalist leaning, NWO, DEEP STATE…OBAMA HOLDOVERS AND THE LIKE)…yet the masses keep drinking THE LIE…Note: Anyone condemning Donald Trump for past actions, language or anything in his past really… need to know that the majority of men and women, yes our elective officials, ‘cuss like sailors on leave’…drink like fish…chase women and prostitutes….are criminally involved in pedophile rings…are directly or indirectly involved in the ” mysterious deaths” of countless individuals who crossed them ( clearing my throat), LIKE THE CLINTONS…. So in my opinion comparatively speaking, Donald Trump is alot cleaner than many or most… Plus let’s not forget, God chooses He will…

So again What is happening & why?… We of this day and age are experiencing an unfolding drama… And remember nothing can hold back the ‘work of the spirit’… We are only the modern day manifestation of the ancient struggle between good and evil… God and the devil… Heaven & Hell…. remember….Wanda Alger ( Prophetess)…believes God Is about to pull the plug on the global swamp…. and so do I…check out Wanda Alger’s book FROM SWORD TO SCEPTER…( as I will )…wandaalger.me …all for now…littleraventhepoet.blog…………..Frank Payton…

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