Since 9/11/2001 … Has America’s hedge of protection been lifted, or removed?…


Pg 17: ” Now remember, Nouriel,” he said, ” judgment is not the heart of God, not for a nation, or a soul. Judgment is His necessity. But redemption is His heart. He wills that none should perish and longs to save, to grant mercy and forgiveness, to heal and restore. It is the necessity of good to bring evil to an end, that judgment must come — but it is the heart of good to bring salvation, to call back, to warn, and to even allow the shaking of nations that those who would hear His calling would come back and be saved.”

“So what now?” I asked, “America hasn’t turned back.”… ” It’s not over, he said, “There’s more to be revealed, more for you to be shown, and more that must be done.”

Back to pg.16: “America was founded after the pattern of ancient Israel, said the prophet.” “And what happened to ancient Israel?” ” It fell away, it turned against the ways of God.” ” And in the case of America? ” … ” It also fell away and likewise, turned against the ways of God.” “And what happened to ancient Israel?” … “Judgement happened,” I said, “it was destroyed.” … “And why does that matter now?”… ” Because the fall of ancient Israel reveals the template and progression of a nation ‘heading’ to judgment.”

“And what happened, specifically, in that template?” “God called them, sent prophets and messengers to warn and plead with them to come back. But they wouldn’t return; they wouldn’t listen. They hardened their hearts to the point where the only way to reach them was through a shaking.” ” And how did that shaking come?” ” The nation’s hedge of protection was lifted, and an enemy was ALLOWED to strike the land … to wake them up that they might return.”

So friends … looking at Covid 19 “experts”… ( supposedly) … Looking at our leadership in Washington DC … we must ask … HOW MUCH MORE WE WILL STAND IDLY BY AND ALLOW?… the elite in Washington DC are powerful indeed, but they have no idea of the power of God and His love and mercy, and his long-suffering with his creation, we need to get with the program and we need to get with the program quick or the hammer will fall … read anything by Jonathan Cahn … Or just keep groping around with foolish men … More later… … Frank Payton …

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