THE OLD SAYING … We have seen the enemy and he is us … I will speak to what the [masses] have done in this country … more specifically what “the critical history-changing decisions” that have been made by those in power in recent decades [ approved by majorities in the public] … have left us with.

IN MY HUMBLE OPINION … The wrong turns for America started in the sixties with kicking God out of our schools … When you kick anything ‘out of something’ it is replaced by something else … Sometimes what is replaced is better than what was before and a lot of times it’s not … My point being that in this case; the long-established tradition of at least honoring God in our schools [up to University levels ] was stopped and in came the slow creeping of “secular humanism” … which has evolved into the Satanic monster we now accept with open arms … to summarize … spiritually speaking, kick God out … and the door is opened for Satan … like it or not we are spiritual beings in a temporary flesh, blood and bone “tent” …

So … in 1973, I think it was … the Roe vs Wade court decision made abortion legal in the United States … Now we look back on the national & individual SIN of 60 million babies aborted in this country … [ IMHO … GOD DOES NOT WINK AT THIS ] … And we wonder why God has stayed his hand of judgment so long … And are confused as to why we are now experiencing the Covid19 virus, the threat of China, Iran, and other nations …Well friends, REMEMBER 9 / 11? [ Our hedge of Godly protection was lifted ] … SEE, THAT WAS THE BIG WARNING FROM GOD THAT UNLESS WE TURN FROM OUR WICKED WAYS, A FULLER JUDGEMENT WOULD FOLLOW …[ Compare the days of Israel’s judgment in ancient history and you will find that we are following the same template] … God’s warning is given … If the people in question ( us) do not repent and turn from their evil ways, judgment and wrath from God soon follows … The study of Israel’s judgment is critical in understanding America’s plight …

To wrap up for now … All of this has to be understood in the context that God has prophesied exactly what is going to happen … an ancient Hebrew is saying in scripture that says, every “jot and tittle” of God’s Word will be fulfilled … In complete disregard for what any human might believe, think or say … Nothing or no one can stop this … So …WHO IS THE ENEMY? … SINCE THE FALL THE ENEMY IS US … AND THE ENEMY IS SATAN … It’s time to wake up & smell the battle between good & evil and to choose who we will serve … BAD WARS ARE COMING … CHOOSE THE SPIRIT OF LIFE OVER THE SPIRIT OF DEATH … GOD WILL PROVIDE … littleraventhepoet.blog … Frank Payton.

A tangled mess we are in…

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