A GIFT TO ME … IS A GIFT TO YOU ….HOW ABOUT THIS …Man is made in the image of God … God is Three Persons … Father, Son and Holy Spirit … Man ( Adam ) that was made in God’s image consisted of three parts …Body, Soul and Spirit.

Now, Adam prior to the fall, having been made in the image of God, had a body, a soul and God’s Holy Spirit, which kept him and Eve alive …as long as Adam and Eve had God’s spirit living in them, they would remain alive forever …( This was God’s original design )…then Adam and Eve were deceived by Satan and they fell … Which led to the Holy Spirit of God being taken from them … so they instantly died spiritually, and eventually died physically.

All human beings born ( since Adam and Eve) have a physical body and a soul, but are born with a dead spirit … remember the Holy Spirit was removed from Adam, bringing about his spiritual and eventual physical death … And since all humanity [ excluding Jesus ] are born “IN” Adam then we are born spiritually dead in Adam.

Jesus is the “second man” …Adam was the first man and was earthy … Jesus was / is the second man ( and of The Spirit ) and was born of Mary who was impregnated with God’s Holy Spirit … Jesus [ one hundred per cent God and one hundred per cent man] showed us what it’s like to yield to God the Father and live life in the spirit … now understand we can be ” born again” by receiving Jesus … and returning to correct standing with God the Father … and also getting back to living for eternity as God’s spirit is back in us …so have no fear or less fear … physical death is not the end, but only the beginning …. we shall receive new, never dying spiritual bodies from God.

To wrap up….have you read the scripture that 6 is the number of man? … .666 is 2/3 of a complete man because until we accept Christ and get His Spirit back in us we are missing 1 / 3 … that only God can supply.

SO, have you noticed all the trouble in the world … And thought about some reasons behind it? … we humans are in a POTENTIAL “TO THE DEATH BATTLE”… And the battle is for our eternal souls …none of us ( unless we are alive at the rapture will escape the “first death” which is of our bodies, but we can escape the “second death” which is eternal separation from God …Don’t shoot me … I’m just a voice in the wilderness …remember God says, MY PEOPLE PERISH FOR LACK OF KNOWLEDGE… … Frank (Coy) Payton … inspiration for this post came from Pastor Breaker…Shalom.


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