A GIFT TO ME … IS A GIFT TO YOU … HOW ABOUT THIS … Man is made in the image of God … God is Three Persons … Father, Son and Holy Spirit … Man ( Adam ) that was made in God’s image consisted of three parts … Body, Soul and Spirit.

Now, Adam before the fall, having been made in the image of God, had a body, a soul, and God’s Holy Spirit, which kept him and Eve alive … as long as Adam and Eve had God’s spirit living in them, they would remain alive forever … ( This was God’s original design ) … then Adam and Eve were deceived by Satan and they fell … Which led to the Holy Spirit of God being taken from them … so they instantly died spiritually, and eventually died physically.

All human beings born ( since Adam and Eve) have a physical body and a soul, but are born with a dead spirit … remember the Holy Spirit was removed from Adam, bringing about his spiritual and eventually physical death … And since all humanity [ excluding Jesus ] are born “IN” Adam then we are born spiritually dead in Adam.

Jesus is the “second man” … Adam was the first man and was earthy … Jesus was/is the second man ( and of The Spirit ) and was born of Mary who was impregnated with God’s Holy Spirit … Jesus [ one hundred percent God and one hundred percent man] showed us what it’s like to yield to God the Father and live life in the spirit … now understand we can be ” born again” by receiving Jesus … and returning to correct standing with God the Father … and also getting back to living for eternity as God’s spirit is back in us …so have no fear or less fear … physical death is not the end, but only the beginning …. we shall receive new, never dying spiritual bodies from God.

To wrap up … have you read the scripture that 6 is the number of men? … 666 is 2/3 of a complete man because until we accept Christ and get His Spirit back in us we are missing 1 / 3 … that only God can supply.

SO, have you noticed all the trouble in the world … And thought about some reasons behind it? … we humans are in a POTENTIAL “TO THE DEATH BATTLE”… And the battle is for our eternal souls … none of us ( unless we are alive at the rapture will escape the “first death” which is of our bodies, but we can escape the “second death” which is eternal separation from God … Don’t shoot me … I’m just a voice in the wilderness … Remember God says, MY PEOPLE, PERISH FOR LACK OF KNOWLEDGE … … Frank (Coy) Payton … inspiration for this post came from Pastor Breaker … Shalom.


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