NO MATTER WHO IS on the throne at the White House in Washington DC, controlling the reins of the [supposed] free world which is rather quickly dying …God is on His throne in heaven …and soon His will shall be done on earth as it is in heaven …

Bottom line is without REPENTANCE AND REVIVAL AMERICA IS LOST AND DOOMED : [ I pause and realize, I might sound like a religious nut or zealot… but know this … America is following the template of judgement that fell on ancient Israel ]….( and please don’t take this humble messenger’s word for it, study history, and you will find me SPOT ON with my writing this) ….

If God did NOT WITHHOLD HIS HAND OF JUDGEMENT ON ISRAEL [ HIS CHOSEN NATION AND PEOPLE ] what could possibly make us think He would withhold His hand of judgement on America [ who is quite literally the sibling of Israel?]

9/ 11 was the warning…We united… Yet did not see the warning for what it was and is [ GOD’S HEDGE OF PROTECTION WAS REMOVED ]….a window of opportunity to repent and pray for revival … [among other national and personal sins]…ie: the some sixty million abortions in America since 1973 through Roe vs Wade…. And going back earlier into the sixties … Kicking God out of the schools… Which resulted in the ever increasing promotion of secular humanism …leaving God behind… we find ourselves looking in the mirror and either understanding it or not that “WE” ARE THE ENEMY…IT’S ON US….TO CHANGE …EACH PERSON NO LONGER POINTING THE FINGER AT SOMETHING OR SOMEONE ELSE AS BEING THE CAUSE OF OUR FAILURE…but knowing that change starts in the human heart …there is no other answer…God never has and never will ‘ wink at’ our national and personal Sin …He has made eternal provision through his wonderful Son … Jeshua…THE MESSIAH … Do you think it was an easy thing for God the Father to give up His only begotten Son to die the horrible death that He died to make ( at – one – ment) ‘atonement’ with us … His fallen creation? … So friends …wake up to your potential spiritual high calling …rise above selfishness and strive for the eternal …REPENT AND PRAY FOR REVIVAL …littleraventhepoet.blog ….Some know me as Coy …some know me as the youthful Frank …either name …IT’S ME, WARTS AND ALL …

Pray for genuine repentance and revival…or good night Irene the party is over …

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