NO MATTER WHO IS on the throne at the White House in Washington DC, controlling the reins of the [supposed] free world which is rather quickly dying … God is on His throne in heaven … and soon His will shall be done on earth as it is in heaven …

The bottom line is without REPENTANCE AND REVIVAL AMERICA IS LOST AND DOOMED : [ I pause and realize, I might sound like a religious nut or zealot … but know this … America is following the template of judgment that fell on ancient Israel ] … ( and please don’t take this humble messenger’s word for it, study history, and you will find me SPOT ON with my writing this) …

If God did NOT WITHHOLD HIS HAND OF JUDGEMENT ON ISRAEL [ HIS CHOSEN NATION AND PEOPLE ] what could make us think He would withhold His hand of judgment on America [ who is quite literally the sibling of Israel?]

9/ 11 was the warning …We united … Yet did not see the warning for what it was and is [ GOD’S HEDGE OF PROTECTION WAS REMOVED ] … a window of opportunity to repent and pray for revival … [among other national and personal sins] … ie: some sixty million abortions in America since 1973 through Roe vs Wade … And going back earlier into the sixties … Kicking God out of the schools … Which resulted in the ever increasing promotion of secular humanism … leaving God behind … we find ourselves looking in the mirror and either understanding it or not that “WE” ARE THE ENEMY … IT’S ON US … TO CHANGE … EACH PERSON NO LONGER POINTING THE FINGER AT SOMETHING OR SOMEONE ELSE AS BEING THE CAUSE OF OUR FAILURE … but knowing that change starts in the human heart … there is no other answer … God never has and never will ‘ wink at’ our national and personal Sin … He has made eternal provision through his wonderful Son … Jeshua …THE MESSIAH … Do you think it was an easy thing for God the Father to give up His only begotten Son to die the horrible death that He died to make ( at – one – ment) ‘atonement’ with us … His fallen creation? … So friends …Wake up to your potential spiritual high calling … Rise above selfishness and strive for the eternal … REPENT AND PRAY FOR REVIVAL … littleraventhepoet.blog … Some know me as Coy … Some know me as the youthful Frank … either name … IT’S ME, WARTS AND ALL …

Pray for genuine repentance and revival…or good night Irene the party is over …

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