Just when did most politicians assume the role of God? “Man’s downfall”, ( and beyond and after what happened in the garden of Eden) … is his refusing to acknowledge that there is “One” supreme true God … and his failure to acknowledge that he is “created” and not the “creator” of the universe … ( Of course I’m painting with a broad brush … as there are multitudes that know what is going on in this world … that is physically, spiritually, and eternally, many have gifts of discernment and use them for mankind’s benefit) …

So, here we are just days away from Joe ‘Budden’ and Kamala ‘Hairass’ assuming the leadership roles of President and Vice President of the United States…[ really, they are puppets] What a scary thought, initially anyway … then I remember that we have a God … Who believe it or not, is concerned with the affairs of Earth and humanity … The Democrats having control of all three branches of the government and, our Judicial system being the disaster that it is … Our FBI and Department of Justice being the den of vipers that they are … It’s easy to believe the United States might be head-long over the cliff … Somehow I am holding on to my faith, Buttoning up my overcoat … Making sure my bonnet is strapped on tightly … sitting staunchly on my horse [like John Wayne] … And just angry and pissed off enough to take on whatever may come … … Frank Payton….get you some …

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