#1- Pleasure … God planned me and you for His pleasure … God is love … it is the essence of His nature … AGAIN … God made you and me for His pleasure … Revelation 4:11 … Psalm 149:4 … God takes pleasure in us … in all the times of our lives … though it’s hard to believe … not just when you’re a do-gooder … But when you fail, when you struggle … AND When you and I are successful … etc … etc … Could it be that He [GOD] is more long-suffering, merciful, and loving than we could ever imagine? … Do you want to see the heart of God? … look to the sacrificial death on the cross by Jesus …

This life … [ IMHO ] & based on the Word of God, is a test … however long your life … twenty or 100 years… I believe you and I were sent here on earth to learn … things we need to know before going into eternity … Have you given any thought about time compared to eternity? … had any meditation while thinking of trillions and trillions of years [ really time immeasurable] of living life and existing in the fullness of what God meant it to be? … All with no fear of death ever again, no fear of losing those you love, the things that you love, all that God has prepared for YOUR heaven … And the realization that it’s all a gift … Need I remind or mention to you, that you did not choose to come to this Earth and living the life that you are living; it’s all a gift that should change your heart of stone into a heart of flesh, into a heart of rejoicing, a heart at wondering and admiring the beauty of life itself …

FRIENDS, I’ll ASK YOU to consider a few things that are very basic understanding as to what is going on in this world … We live in a natural world with natural laws that create order, but having a life-changing experience with God, is a SUPERNATURAL event … What the Bible refers to as being “born again of THE SPIRIT” … You’ll have to study this one, but I want you to know that you do not choose God, He chose you in eternity past …

GOD will not necessarily intervene or disturb your life, unless you ask Him to … now there are exceptions to the rule … one being Saul of Tarsus, later named Paul and his Damascus Road experience … study this also … all for now … all from a voice in the wilderness … littleraventhepoet.blog …Frank Payton

The Boss ….a gift from God … Who speaks in mysterious ways …

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