#1- Pleasure … God planned me and you for His pleasure … God is love … it is the essence of His nature … AGAIN … God made you and me for His pleasure … Revelation 4:11 … Psalm 149:4 … God takes pleasure in us … in all the times of our lives … though it’s hard to believe … not just when you’re a do-gooder … But when you fail, when you struggle … AND When you and I are successful … etc … etc … Could it be that He [GOD] is more long suffering, merciful and loving than we could ever imagine? … Do you want to see the heart of God? … look to the sacrificial death on the cross by Jesus …

This life …[ IMHO ] & based on the Word of God, is a test … however long your life … twenty or 100 years….I believe you and I were sent here on earth to learn … things we need to know before going into eternity … Have you given any thought about time compared to eternity? … had any meditation while thinking of trillions and trillions of years [ really time immeasurable] of living life and existing in the fullness of what God meant it to be? … All with no fear of death ever again, no fear of losing those you love, the things that you love, all that God has prepared for YOUR heaven …And the realization that it’s all a free gift… Need I remind or mention to you, that you made no choice of coming to this Earth and living the life that you are living; it’s all a gift that should change your heart of stone into a heart of flesh, into a heart of rejoicing, a heart at wondering and admiring the beauty of life itself …

FRIENDS, I’ll ASK YOU to consider a few things that are really very basic understanding as to what is going on in this world … We live in a natural world with natural laws that create order, but having a life changing experience with God, is a SUPERNATURAL event …What the Bible refers to as being “born again of THE SPIRIT” … You’ll have to study this one, but I want you to know that you do not choose God, He chose you in eternity past …

GOD will not necessarily intervene or disturb your life, unless you ask Him to … now there are exceptions to the rule … one being Saul of Tarsus, later named Paul and his Damascus Road experience … study this also … all for now … all from a voice in the wilderness …littleraventhepoet.blog …Frank Payton

The Boss ….a gift from God … Who speaks in mysterious ways …

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