Why all the American flags? … Where were all the Chinese flags? … I WOULD RATHER COLOR IN MY COLORING BOOK THAN LISTEN TO JOE “BUYED – IN’S” UNI TY PLANS FOR AMERICA … Where was the call for unity when George Soros funded Antifa was burning down multiple cities in the United States ?… Where was the claim of insurrection then? … You den of Gaboon Viper’s and hypocrites … I don’t believe a word you say Joe … I’d keep my eye on Kamala if I was you Joe … don’t eat or drink anything that she offers you … it might be your last supper … Karma is a bitch Joe … make sure your puppet wires are strong … because ‘they’ are gonna be pulling you every which way but loose … that’s all, for now, Joe, I don’t want to keep you from selling out this country … you election thief … you are Commander of a D.C. shit sandwich …


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