I USED TO WORK in concrete construction … driving a mixing truck … ( delivering concrete to construction sites )

So came my cat dream … In the seemingly quick dream … I was driving a concrete truck through a new homes project that was mainly just footings, amongst a lot of dirt … In this dream, I had my Siamese cat of beautiful blue eyes ( Chauncey ) with me … And it seemed that it was commonplace for the cat to be with me on the job …

Unexpectedly, Chauncey jumped out of the window on the passenger’s side of the truck … I tried to follow the path of the cat in my mirrors, as I had to keep driving, eventually bringing the heavy load around to go back and try to find the rascal.

Much difficulty finding my runaway cat at the outset … so I stopped and parked the truck to get out on foot … And hopefully have better luck … I walked around for about ten minutes and saw no trace of the cat … Then I came across a dumpster that looked like it had been cut in half, as I could walk into it … There stood Chauncey on his hind legs, leaning against the blue dumpster interior …When he saw me … He quickly crossed his arms as I asked, “Why did you jump out of the truck on this hot nasty summer day?”... The cat replied … “Because it’s been a long day … and you have provided no food or water and I’m at wit’s end with this dry dusty construction site” … so spoke Chauncey the cat ...

What stuck in my mind as the dream ended … Was the fluidity and eloquence of the cat’s speech … That coupled with the body language that made him seem human … Then again it was just a dream … … Frank Payton …

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