WE HAVE aliens visiting earth regularly… We have humans being abducted by aliens regularly… There’s even talk that aliens have an underwater base of operation somewhere deep below one or more of our oceans … Well I guess all that is possible and I believe in the possibility of some of it … However, my inner discernment leads me to believe that these aliens are probably Demons … Fallen angels from the first Earth age … See 2nd Peter 3 & Revelation 12 for references about the three earth ages, Of which we are currently in the second … [ Which scripture says is wrapping up rather quickly] … Also have a look at Ezekiel chapter one [ The heavens were opened], in particular, verses 4 through 9 but it is necessary to read the whole chapter … Ezekiel had encountered a UFO of some type and described it as best he could … It sounds an awful lot like aliens in a spaceship … Study for yourself …

This introduction leads to the verbal handing down from generation to generation, and the telling of THE LEGEND OF FIGBOOT, An enormous creature … Many say the creature is eight to ten feet tall …. Approximately four hundred to six hundred pounds, and is three to four feet wide and loves sweets, in particular figs …

The story goes like this … A rich man had a fig garden, that the locals said produced the best figs in the area … One fine summer day, the owner was awakened from his nap by unusual noises and guttural growling sounds coming from his garden … He was startled as he made his way through the fig garden that had been all but devoured, few fig trees remained … then he noticed giant footprints in the soil … out of his peripheral vision he caught a glimpse of an upright ape looking creature just darting out of his vision … He was terrified, as he whispered to himself … FIGBOOT! … The man suddenly remembered that there recently has been talking that this Figboot can travel inter-dimensionally …which scared him even more … … Frank Payton

I smell a Figboot!

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