THE WHORE’S pockmarked cheek made pretty with make-up is just like the ugly actions Joe is disguising with fine words…And Joe feels no guilt … [ Act 3 Scene 1 … translated to modern English ] … HAMLET … NO FEAR SHAKESPEARE … SPARK.NOTES

So to expound on Joe Biden’s presidency as a whore’s hideous pockmarked face covered with much make – up is a perfect description of Joe’s unsuitableness and inability to be President of the United States … in other words, he’s a dressed-up whore, ie, anyone’s plaything, that will lie with him or any other Biden for that matter … ( Did I mention Hunter?) …

So Joe plans to govern by Executive Order … Letting the Congress and the Senate basically off the hook to do absolutely anything … But that’s ok … Because doing nothing at the taxpayer’s expense is what the whole D.C. swamp has always been about … except this go-round, we seem to be heading towards full-blown Communism … … Frank Payton …

POE me a cup …

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