SO NOW JOE BIDEN is President … I cringe at the thought … I want to jump in a hole, and pull the hole in after me … Then there’s the alarming thought of Kamala Harris sitting in the Oval Office … let’s see if I have this straight, Barack Obama spent eight years ripping and tearing at everything that is pro the USA … All at the taxpayer’s expense … Donald Trump spent 4 years putting America first and returning us to some kind of hope, and supposedly didn’t take a dime of pay … Now we have Joe Biden … ripping and tearing again for mainly one simple reason, hatred of all things Trump … Further, America and it’s average citizenry are the losers as usual …The taxpayer is funding elected officials to represent us THE PEOPLE …The only ones getting their needs met, and for that matter, getting rich are these elected officials, the elitists … Also being positioned for “their” future welfare are nations like China and Iran …didn’t “WE” revolt in Britain at this type of tyrannical government and flee to America back in the 1700s? … seems to be Biden’s banner reads … ALL FOREIGN ENTITIES AND ILLEGALS FIRST … AMERICA PICK UP THE CRUMBS … …Frank Payton … And oh by the way! … For us to destroy you, (the average American), we will need to raise “your” taxes to fund our crimes against YOU THE PEOPLE … Remember we need to unite … And keep those masks on …there’s a dark winter coming … I [Joe Biden will make sure of that ] … How did some fifty percent of us get so simple, gullible and just stupid ? … Frank Payton

Pictured above is Princess … an amazing dog …

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