I ACTUALLY SHOULD START by stating … That education in general … At whatever age or level, should be about teaching students to “THINK PROPERLY” … additionally and to elaborate on my opinions … THINKING PROPERLY CAN ONLY BE ACCOMPLISHED starting with the realization that human beings are going to have varying and different opinions about the issues of life and all sides need to be heard to make critical, intelligent, important, decisions … making any decisions at all … ie: When shopping for a home or car … or other important purchase, you don’t look at one home or one car, you do research and look at several or many of each … When taking a poll or a survey about anything really … be it about politics, religion, abortion, immigration, etc … etc … We don’t consult one person, or even many persons, all from just one background, world view, or belief system …

How can a person fool one’s self, into thinking they have made a fair intelligent decision, without doing justice to hearing all sides of any given story … Particularly in politics …With the current civil and political unrest we find in our country and the world today, we find ourselves staring this area of study/concern directly in the face … or we should be … That is if we care about having the Democratic Republic in these United States … If we want to have Marxism, Communism, and an Authoritarian form of government … All we have to do is continue down the current path that we are on, with the current leadership in Washington DC … We should learn from history, Communism is a failure … Marxism is a failure … ( Did someone study Stalin … Hitler … Pol Pot … and many others ? ) … REMEMBER Russia …Venezuela … for starters? … WE MUST RETURN TO PROPER INTELLIGENT THINKING …QUIT BASING EVERYTHING OFF OF RACE … RELIGIOUS BELIEFS … AND WHATEVER YOUR HANGUP MIGHT BE … Get over thinking that you are all that and a box of cookies … Because if we are honest, neither you nor I am ALL THAT … … Frank Payton

Look closely … people and things are often not what they seem …

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