This here’s the story of old Ida Gunkle … She looked like a man and that kept her in a funkle …She wanted tender love but she was rock hard with muscle … most men couldn’t handle her and there was always a tussle …

She cussed and drank, just like a sailor … And worked for many years … on a boat as a whaler … Her memories of the ocean always left her in tears … but she worked it all out, over many a beer … Her teeth were green and her armpits were hairy … How would she ever find anyone to marry? …

She joined up with a carnival and worked the mud wrastlin’ pit … She whupped every single man and they all soon tired of it …

Along came a big – un … his name was Jim Frack … He picked up old Ida and slammed her on her back … She stood and stared at big tall Jim … She yelled “If Jim’s as good a lover as he is a fighter, I’ll run off with him” … … Frank Payton … Note: This work inspired by my simply hearing the name of Ida Gunkle … sometimes … it’s as easy as that …

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