WHAT A HORRIBLE but necessary and effective mousetrap catching creation … You know the ” Sticky glue adhesive” type traps for mice …

Our dog, an American Staffordshire Terrier named “Princess” … Went quiet in the living room for an unusually long [2 minutes] amount of time ... I checked on her, and her pad laid the sticky mousetrap, and the still struggling mouse attached, the varmint unable to move much with a peanut just out of its reach … I picked up the trap and mouse with a three-foot-long pinching tool … As Princess jumped and lunged at the poor thing … Before throwing the critter in our wooded backyard, I noticed the mouse appeared wet ( it was dog saliva ) and its eyes were bulging out like Marty Feldman’s eyes ) … Seems the mouse not being able to get to the peanut, is forever trapped on the glue trap, then being nearly licked to death and eaten by a dog had ruined the mouse’s day … I know it would have ruined mine … … Frank Payton

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