Stop the Merry Go Round, I’m getting off … Second thought doesn’t bother stopping, I’ll just jump … IMHO … The best thing for me and a lot of us to do is, to go find a body of water, a pond, a lake, a fast-moving body of water … Smashing over treacherous rocks underneath … Heading for a long waterfall … Then throw your cell phone in the current … also your IPAD … And whatever another electronic device has control over you … Having done so try to resist the temptation to throw yourself headlong into the rocks and current … Not to retrieve your devices mind you … But to leave this dying planet of confusion and mayhem … Resist if you can … The only things stopping me are my son, my dog, and the fact that there is a God … And I don’t want to disappoint Him any more than I already have … Note: DO NOT READ SHAKESPEARES HAMLET, ACT THREE, SCENE ONE: Beginning with – TO BE OR NOT TO BE … ONCE UNDERSTOOD IT CAN BE VERY DESTRUCTIVE … littleraventhepoet.blog ….Frank Payton

Throw cell phone here …

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