This message is for those that have ears to hear, and eyes to see [ Beyond the natural world that is ] … The rest of you either wake up, or sleep on sweet Charlotte … Do I sound pretty harsh?… Friends … We will know what harsh is when the hand of God falls in judgement … If you want to hear pretty words don’t continue with this post, if you want to deal with reality, read on …

I have mentioned this before, but the United States is following the template that God used to judge ancient Israel … Don’t take my word for it, study the Old Testament …

In the ancient past, God always gave fair warning through his prophets and other means … Fast forward to 9/11 … And we can see and remember the hand of God giving the United States a warning … ( disagree if you need to) … The hedge of protection was lifted and we were attacked at our economic heart… The Twin Towers were symbolic of this power … We were also attacked at the seat of our military power which was the Pentagon in Washington DC … And as many have guessed the plane that went down in Pennsylvania was headed for the White House (apparently) … I am not the only one saying this or believing this … Great men including Jonathan Cahn have expounded greatly on this subject … Read anything by Jonathan Cahn including Harbinger 1 and 2, and if you are willing your spiritual eyes will be opened …

To continue with this train of thought, the ‘warning’ was given on 9/11 … I believe God was looking for repentance and revival on the part of our nation as a collective whole, which would include individual repentance and revival … To the best of my knowledge this has not happened on the scale that God would like to see (and it’s been twenty years) … I personally believe we are in the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse stages [ Covid -19] being a stage or one of THE HORSEMEN … which is one of the forerunner’s to the Tribulation Period …Or Daniel’s 70th week …

Here is a brief outline of the order of coming events according to Scripture : As a beginning point we need to say … ABSENT FROM THE BODY PRESENT WITH THE LORD per 2 Corinthians 5: 8 … so when we die we are absent from the body and present with the Lord in paradise, either with Abraham in Abraham’s Bosom … or across the gulf on the prison type ‘holding tank’ side of paradise [ Luke 16], awaiting judgement … specifically The Great White Throne judgement … next comes the prophecied Rapture of the body, or bride of Christ in the air… We proceed to Heaven … There will be at some point the Bema Judgement Seat for believers … ( Salvation is not the issue for the believer but rewards for what you did with your life are ) … Then at some point will be the marriage Supper Of The Lamb … Which will be a great celebration and feast, and I don’t think it’s clear on how long it will last … [ While all of this is on – going in heaven, the earth will be in the horrible wars of the tribulation … Before total destruction occurs, Christ and His army of saints will return to the earth bringing extreme judgement and casting Satan into hell for 1000 years… The new Jerusalem will descend from heaven and Christ will reign for 1000 years … Please study for yourself to see what happens afterwards … …Frank Payton

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