Our wonderful dog Princess and I were resting comfortably on our bed this night, reflecting on the almost past day … I was kissing her, and petting her, enjoying her love … I began to think about how I would feel if she died … I fell asleep and had this dream … I dreamt that as we were lying on the bed, I died, and as my spirit left my body, I was hovering close over the bed looking down upon my lifeless shell, and Princess lying beside me with her head next to mine … One of her paws across my chest … I heard her whine, and watched as she nudged my face over and over again … I heard a slight whimper at my unresponsiveness … she suddenly glanced up and realized it was me hovering … I knew she knew it was me because her tail was wagging so beautifully … As I said to her … I’m going away …but I will be with you soon … Don’t cry … I love you … Take care of Mizuho and Ari’el until we all meet again, forever …

As I woke up … I couldn’t think of what would be worse, my dying and seeing Princess sad and suffering, or her dying and living my sadness and suffering … Sometimes we go, sometimes we stay … but either way it’s horrible …

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