THE BARD … He had such very deep insight into what it means to be a human being … And IMHO describes precisely the *situation that those of us on the right find ourselves currently in, dealing with government and the extreme left in their politics, culture, and society … Please continue … by the way the Republican left is hardly any better than the Democrats … They are all swimming in the same cesspool of their urine … And expect the common man to put his stamp of approval on it …


(To Gertrude) … Madness? My heart beats just as evenly as yours does. There’s nothing crazy in what I’ve just uttered. Put me to the test. I’ll rephrase everything I’ve just said, which a lunatic couldn’t do. Mother, for the love of God, don’t flatter yourself into believing that it’s my madness, not your crime, ( Killing King Hamlet ) that’s the problem. You’d just be concealing the rot that’s eating you from the inside. Confess your sins to heaven. Repent and avoid damnation. Don’t spread manure over the weeds in your heart; it’ll only make them more filthy. Forgive me my good intentions here since, in these fat and spoiled times, virtuous people have to say, *”Beg your pardon” to vile ones and beg for the chance to do any good. [This is our culture today in a big way.]

Friends …Those of you on the hard left probably won’t understand this at all, and that’s understandable … However it does not relieve you of the evil you are committing … Your desire to destroy … Your love of power over freedom … Your complete disrespect and hatred of God … that is “many of you”… can’t you see human nature hasn’t changed … Unfortunately this whole life is like one cursed detour from God’s original plan … And there’s no going back to the garden …

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